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Although some versions of Photoshop Elements can play actions, including Teyaphoto actions, many users have difficulty jumping through the hoops required to allow this feature.

Teyaphoto Photoshop Elements conversions provide an easy way to get the effect of many popular actions without needing a computer science degree!

The first conversion set includes an illustrated instruction page and conversion files that can be combined with your images to imitate effects such as Teyaphoto Strong, Teyaphoto Pay Attention, and Teyaphoto's black and white conversions.

The Teyaphoto PSE Conversions 2 combat common color cast problems to give you beautiful skin tones with easy click and drag steps!

The newest PSE Conversions contain the popular A Little Christmas (previously only an action), a PSE version of Teyaphoto Subdue, a new black and white conversion and other vintage options!

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*tested with PSE 2.0 and above.