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Photoshop actions automate numerous and complex steps to achieve a consistent result.  Photography by Teya has developed five conversion actions for Action Pack 1: two black and whites, two color conversions and one somewhere in the middle.  All are available for $5.

Action Pack 2 i includes: two black and white conversions, a subtle enhancement to brighten your photos, a dramatic color conversion and beauty blur, to give your subject a glamorous makeover.  All for $5! Buy Action Pack 2 today.

NEW: Teyaphoto Action Pack 3 - includes a black and white conversion to beat all others: fully customizable - bright and contrasty without loss of detail. 
Buy Teyaphoto Action Pack 3 Now.

Two free actions are currently being offered, one to create a simple border around your web images and the other to give your pictures a little holiday cheer.

Conversions for Photoshop Elements are now available! Learn more.

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